Picking the Best Hikvision CCTV Cameras & CCTV Kits for all

At Electronic Capital, we only stock the best CCTV and security solutions, as we know how important it is to protect valuable assets. One brand of choice is Hikvision CCTV Kits, as they come in many different forms and offer excellent performance on every occasion. 

With a wide selection to choose from, we understand that making that important buying decision can be confusing. Here security and CCTV experts Electronic Capital set the record straight on choosing the best Hikvision CCTV cameras and kits.

Why Is The Hikvision Camera Range A Worthy Investment?

As one of the largest security camera manufacturers globally, Hikvision is known for its quality products and innovative solutions. Their broad collection spans cameras and is ideal for corporate and residential uses. The security cameras come in a wide variety of styles and are also configured for both BNC and IP/POE uses. Alongside being able to select between BNC and Hikvision POE, additional features set these cameras apart from competitors. For example, the Hikvision Colorvu provides crisp images, which is not always the case for CCTV systems.

What Type Of Hikvision CCTV Cameras And Kits Are Available?

There are lots of options available from Hikvision, so we have included a few of our top picks below to give you a better idea of features and styles. You can also shop our full CCTV and camera collection to find your perfect CCTV product if you want something slightly different to the products we have included below.

HiLook by Hikvision

This collection of cameras are designed with digital connectivity in mind as they allow live viewing from anywhere via the supported app. Hikvision HiLook products include rich colour images, built-in lighting to optimise captured content and sensor technology. These products are ideal if you tend to travel, have a large area to protect or if you have multiple properties to look after at one time. 

BNC Hikvision Cameras

These camera solutions are a traditional analogue design but with a modern touch thanks to the revolutionary technology from this reliable brand. They are weather resistant, record up to 40m and provide clear imaging thanks to the built-in lighting. Design-wise, the timeless cameras include the signature Hikvision finish with compact designs. This is known as the Hikvision Turret Camera finish.

IP/POE Cameras

Alongside the analogue BNC designs, a collection of IP/POE digital cameras are available. These designs, which are operated via direct ethernet connect, allow for rapid installation, ability to integrate easily with other security accessories and provide top quality images.

Traditional Style Cameras

In addition to the Hikvision Colorvu 5mp modern designs, traditional-style cameras like the ANPR SMART BULLET CAMERA 50M IR are also available. This is a great solution if you want to use the camera as a visual deterrent, as it's the look that people associate with security systems. Features include quality imaging, behaviour analysis and streaming options, plus much more.

Hikvision Camera Kits

Aside from our single-product cameras, we also have a selection of Hikvision camera kits available. Thanks to bespoke configuration, these solutions ensure the protection of an entire building and surrounding areas. The cameras stream images back to one central database, meaning more than one image can be viewed simultaneously.

CCTV & Security Experts

Hopefully after reading this guide, picking the best Hikvision CCTV system is an easy task. Explore our collection now to get started and contact our specialist team for any further electronic solutions and CCTV related information.