Picking the Perfect CCTV Solution & CCTV Kit for your Home, Business or Office

With many different CCTV solutions available, choosing the best option for enhancing security can be an overwhelming task. Many CCTV products look the same and include specifications full of detailed information, which means selecting unsuitable products is a possibility. 

The collection we offer at Electronic Capital has already been vetted by our expert team to make the buying process simpler. Whether you are sourcing CCTV for your office or home, we understand that finding the right solution is important. 

Why Is Choosing The Right CCTV Kit Important?

Selecting the wrong CCTV system or camera kit means that a space will not be protected as you require. By either working ineffectively or not providing a complete and clear view, security is greatly impacted due to unsuitable solutions.

Not only does this mean that a property is not protected, but if a crime does occur, evidence will not be available. CCTV is a vital component of investigations, and without it, catching a criminal or claiming on insurance may not be possible.

Tips For Selecting The Best CCTV System

Picking the perfect CCTV solution will be different for each person. If you are looking to protect a large commercial space you won’t likely select the same product as a home-owner. By paying attention to the factors we have included below, whittling down the selection is simple.

  • Understand the type of camera you require.
  • CCTV systems range in style, with cameras boasting varying resolutions, sizes and designs. To choose the right type of camera, you must understand the area it needs to cover to source the ideal product. For commercial spaces or large buildings, the 8mp options are best as it will provide the best picture quality. Hikvision CCTV kit options are best for this as they are supplied with multiple cameras that are all prominent once fitted. We also offer specialised BNC and IP/POE camera solutions.

  • Wired CCTV systems over Wireless.
  • Selecting between wireless and hard-wired products is important. Hikvision are renowned for their wired systems as it allows for a secure CCTV solution. Having a wired connection means that your system is unlikely to go down unless a wire is physically chopped off, but the chances of this happening are limited as CCTV engineers prioritise hiding the cable when fitting the cameras. In comparison, a wireless CCTV system is reliant on WiFi and if this goes down due to weather conditions or planned maintenance it will result in your cameras not recording any footage.

  • Pay attention to features such as night vision and audio.
  • Choosing the perfect CCTV means ensuring it's ideal for the surroundings it's positioned in. If a property is located in a dark area with no street lighting, night vision is essential. With the Colorvu technology from Hikvision this allows for brilliant colour at night images leading to better chances of capturing faces at night. Built in audio cameras are now extremely popular, with many businesses choosing this for all their CCTV cameras.

  • Integrate with other security solutions.
  • Another consideration is ensuring the CCTV works in conjunction with other systems. Some models can be connected whereas others are singular so be sure to understand what solution works best for your needs. Hikvision does act as a hybrid recorder, so it does allow for multiple brands of security cameras to work on the recorder. However, it is always good to double check this with one of our experienced team members.


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    From choosing home CCTV systems to a reliable commercial CCTV system, finding the perfect piece of kit is a vital task. 

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