The Benefits of different CCTV Camera Solutions: BNC and IP/POE CCTV Cameras

The UK is a nation of CCTV camera fans, and there are more than 5.2 million around the country. From offering protection to corporate spaces to providing homeowners with peace of mind that their property is safe, security cameras are a vital investment for many. 

At Electronic Capital, we believe choosing the right camera is an important decision. Our broad collection offers plenty of variety, but we understand that sometimes concerned shoppers are left wanting more guidance. Here we will explore two of our best-selling collections: BNC camera products and IP/POE CCTV camera kits and products.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right CCTV Camera Solutions?

Choosing the best CCTV setup is vital to ensure your property is protected properly. Factors such as the size of the location, building design and level of footage quality required all impact the final product choice. Rushing through this process may result in costly mistakes, as it will only be a matter of time before a complete system overhaul is required.

What Are BNC And IP/POE CCTV Cameras?

Two of our best-selling CCTV ranges are BNC and IP/POE security camera designs. 

BNC cameras have an analogue design that sends messaging through a cable. The coaxial cable transmits footage, which is received through a video recorder and then stored on the chosen system. 

IP/POE cameras are different as they are powered and networked through a direct Ethernet cable, which means real-time digital footage can be received. The images can be stored and viewed on devices of your choosing, such as mobiles.

What Are The Benefits Of BNC And IP/POE CCTV System Products?

BNC Camera Products

BNC CCTV cameras are an older design but one that still works brilliantly for the right customers. If you are looking to set up a security system covering a smaller space, with a distance of 300m or less required, this product is a great choice. These products also come in a range of styles that can be placed either discreetly or prominently, depending on your preference.

Although BNC cameras have fewer features than IP/POE designs, they are a much more affordable option. Even with installation costs considered, they still provide excellent value for money.

IP/POE Cameras

IP and POE camera systems do have a few more benefits than BNC designs, but the price is higher, meaning more of an investment needs to be considered. 

IP/POE CCTV camera sets cost less to initially install and are more suitable for covering larger buildings. They also offer more flexibility in places and the types of footage recorded. These products also offer a wider range of vision and ensure top-quality audio is always received. Finally, they provide HD, FHD, and UHD images, whereas BNC cameras are limited to just HD recordings.

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