The Benefits of Installing a Wireless Alarm System and CCTV Cameras

Across the UK, the security market is set to grow by 11.5% by 2028. Installing a CCTV camera system plus an alarm solution is a proven way to deter unwanted people from entering a space. 

At Electronic Capital, we offer a reliable and extensive collection of security solutions, with some of the most popular being our wireless alarm systems. In this article, we will outline the benefits of installing wireless alarm and wired CCTV systems, plus share some of our recommended products for enhancing protection.

What Are Wireless Security Systems?

Keeping a close eye on a property is possible when professional security products are installed. Wireless security systems allow 24/7 monitoring from any location thanks to the in-built receivers and information transmitters. Based on the system purchased you will need to download the relevant app onto your chosen device and all the systems we provide can be connected to your phone for instant notifications.

Hikvision CCTV camera products work by capturing video that is sent via a network to the chosen surveillance platform. The data is then also stored on the chosen network to allow viewing at a later time. Wireless alarm system solutions are also a brilliant option for protecting properties. They can be fitted in any location and configured to become triggered when unwanted access is being attempted.

CCTV Solutions and Alarm Solutions simply need a stable WiFi connection to operate.

Advantages Of Installing Wireless Alarm Systems

Selecting wireless alarm systems is an effective way of safeguarding property thanks to the below outlined benefits:

An Effective Deterrent

It has been proven that simply having security systems in place can be enough of a deterrent to stop criminals in their tracks. Wireless alarm systems can be installed in any location because they do not need to be hard-wired into the building’s electrics. This means they can be prominently positioned to better protect spaces.

More Affordable Solutions

As wireless solutions don’t need to be professionally installed, the costs tend to be lower. This is not reflected in the quality of the products as they operate in the same way that hard-wired systems function. The only additional cost to consider is a reliable WiFi connection.

Simple to Install and Manage

Wireless alarm system products are easy to fit. They can also be easily configured and normally operated via apps or controls. Thanks to the ease of fitting, electronic solutions can be installed without the delay of waiting for a professional.

24/7 Monitoring

The solutions can also be interacted with from anywhere in the world, ensuring property owners are alerted to any activity. 

Lower Home Insurance

Lastly, better-protected properties reduce the risk of a burglary, meaning insurance premiums are lower. Being able to monitor activity from anywhere is also a bonus in this sense, as it reduces the time it takes to receive help when needed.

Choose Reliable Wireless Alarm System Products From Electronic Capital

We only stock the best-performing security systems to ensure that results are effective. As a trusted source of surveillance solutions, we believe that safety is paramount. 

Contact our specialist security team and explore our security products now to use the power of connectivity to protect your property.