The Benefits of Purchasing a CCTV Camera Kit: From Hikvision Colorvu to Hilook by Hikvision

The UK CCTV industry is set to increase in value by 26% by 2025. We are sure you will agree this is a large amount and one that reflects both home and business owners' desire to protect their assets from criminal activity.

One of the most popular monitoring tools is camera kits. Here we will explore how these complete solutions offer benefits versus buying separate equipment. Products like the Hilook Colorvu and Hikvision Cctv Kit 4k will also be explored to illustrate the advantages provided. 

Keep reading if finding a powerful CCTV camera kit is important to you. 

What’s the Difference Between Buying CCTV Camera Kits and Cameras to other Components? 

Firstly, let’s quickly share the difference, as if you are new to the world of CCTV, you are likely to have this question. 

When installing CCTV protection, you have two options. The first and oldest way to do this is to buy separate products which combine visual, sound and motion technologies. These need to be configured together and managed separately to achieve overall safety. The risk of this is that not all components will be compatible together. This also can end up costing a pretty penny and be subject to more focus on maintenance as items all need to be assessed individually. 

Camera kits include all the tools needed to configure a complete protection system for one cost. They are designed to work together seamlessly, providing fully effective security for various locations. 

Benefits Of Buying CCTV Camera Kits

Products like the Hikvision CCTV Kit offer many advantages, which prove why buying a complete item is much better than selecting individual company parts. These are listed below:

  • CCTV camera kits are designed to be effective in a variety of settings and simple to set up. This means you can start improving safety from, say, one, and you do not need to be an engineer to complete the set-up.
  • They also offer a reduced chance of electronic faults and completely eliminate the risk of compatibility issues. 
  • CCTV camera kits are also intended to provide high-quality visuals and sound, which is not always the case for other products. This is a huge advantage, as an example can be found in the Hikvision 24/7 ColourVU 4K System
  • Choosing this type of CCTV configuration is also the most cost-effective not only at the time of purchasing but also when it comes to maintenance. It also means not having to shop around multiple suppliers to create an effective set-up. 
  • Design-wise, you can also provide a succinct appearance to CCTV products, eliminating the chance of security equipment ruining the look of buildings. This also sends a clear message to others that you have taken your protections seriously with a solid investment in monitoring technology. 
  • Another benefit of selecting CCTV kits is that all parts will be covered by the same warranties and protections.

CCTV Camera Kits Worth Investing In

Sourcing a CCTV camera kit is a great way to implement instant protection in any area. From residential properties to corporate spaces, solutions like our popular Hikvision camera kit are a fantastic investment.

Explore our complete range of camera kits now which include both BNC and IP/POE cameras. Contact our expert CCTV and security team today for more.